Project Details

  • Client: Oregon Coast Aquarium
  • Agency/Company: Grady Britton
  • Project: Sea Spectacular Campaign
  • Team Members: Andy Askren, Executive Creative Director Paige Campbell, Presidnet Mary Catherine Jones, Associate Creative Director Mike Proctor, Senior Art Director Kate van Bronkhorst, Senior Account Manager Sarah Prince, Media Director Andy Ehlen, Senior Media Planner/Buyer Devon Pfeiffer, Production Manager Sheridan Torgerson, Project Manager

Client Overview

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and AZA accredited aquarium in Newport. Their mission is to create unique and engaging experiences that connect visitors to the beautiful Oregon coast and inspire ocean conservation.

Key Deliverables

Two print ads that appeared in 9 publications
Four bulletin ads, shipped to 16 locations
Two bus sides, posted on 10 busses
Two bus “headlight” units, posted on 20 busses

Project Objectives

In our second year of work for the Aquarium, we have big goals: increasing visitors to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. To drive toward this goal, we wanted people to value the Aquarium in a whole new way. We wanted to showcase the Aquarium as educationally valuable (a chance for families to learn something new and engage their brains), entertainingly valuable (interesting AND fun), and financially valuable (a good use of discretionary income). In short, we wanted to inspire people to become marine ambassadors. We developed an integrated campaign that utilized highly visible print, billboard, and transit placements that brought the wonder of the Aquarium’s animals to people along the routes from Portland to Newport.

Project Summary

Thanks to smart placement, our print, billboards, and transit pieces have garnered 32,041,651 impressions in the short space of five months, accomplishing an 85% reach and 14x frequency. That means that millions of people have seen hypnotizing jellyfish, furry, friendly sea otters, and color-shifting octopuses show up on their busses, in their magazines, and from their cars - all intriguing places for these animals to be. The large scale allowed the animals’ every quirk and fascinating detail to be shown in big, bold color, with smart headlines that appealed to many age ranges. Revenue for the Aquarium has been in great shape throughout the campaign, and we expect to see strong August results before families head back to school.