Project Details

  • Client: Columbia River Knife & Tool
  • Agency/Company: CRKT Marketing
  • Project: Forged By War
  • URL: View online
  • Team Members: Mark Schreiber, President Doug Flagg, Vice President Sales & Marketing Joel Bornzin, Marketing Manager, Project Supervisor Lindsey Phelps, Publicity Ben Petersen, Film Producer, Director, Editor, Still Photography Karin Gales, Digital Marketing Coordinator - Social/Email

Client Overview

Columbia River Knife & Tool creates purpose-built tools for Confidence in Hand. We work with the most innovative designers in the world to bring high-end custom knife and tool designs to market at a price that the everyday person can afford.

Key Deliverables

- 3 distinct veteran designer stories, products, and content

- 3 important veterans focused charities involvement to make the program a success

- To deliver a social-focused cause marketing campaign that matters to all

Project Objectives

In 2013, Ryan Johnson of RMJ Tactical, designer of elite, military tools, approached CRKT with news that he had been working with combat veterans that had returned from war with varying degrees of post-traumatic stress disorder. To help work through their challenges, they had been forging steel into custom tools they wish they had available to them in the battlefield.

CRKT cares deeply about returning veterans and saw a way to give back to the community that created them. We’re honored to announce the launch of the Forged By War program.

These are mission ready tools, designed by warriors, with a portion of the profits donated to the veterans’ charity of choice.

Mission ready tools that are…Forged By War™.

Project Summary

We launched 3 Forged By Warâ„¢ products to market in 2016. Video was selected as our primary marketing platform for the project.

Fans have watched 238,908 minutes of Forged By War content with an average view duration over 3 minutes and a 67% audience retention rate.

Unit sales volumes continue to rise across the line, with a recent introduction of a selection of Forged By Warâ„¢ products into military base retail exchange locations across the globe.

CRKT pride has bloomed across the organization as we have felt good about working with the veterans and the involved charities.

CRKT has gained a tremendous amount of brand goodwill with an unprecedented 14 point* increase in brand sentiment.

*via socialmention.